Where's your VENUS?

VENUS IN ARIES: This is the proverbial ALLEY CAT;  "Looking for love in all the wrong places!"  
And, all the right places, too.  "Any place is for love,"  says AC.

VENUS IN TAURUS:  L'il Sweetie Pie who purrs at gentle words of love and touch.  Cross my heart
that is no lie 'bout that
BIRMAN Sweetie Pie.

VENUS IN GEMINI: Moan, cry, chatter, and wail!  Acts like you got him by the tail.  He answers to the
name of, Hermes.   "Just call me," meows this

VENUS IN CANCER: "Sing a song of sixpence.  I'm a SINGAPURA. I'm most happy with my own
special person, family, home, spot, and place.  And that's the truth---pbithththth!"

VENUS IN LEO: " There's Morris, Tony the T, Hobbes, and ME!  They call us MARMALADES, but
we're really
GOLDEN LIONS.!  Just adore me!"

VENUS IN VIRGO: She's cautious, shy, and neat as a pin.  Her BOMBAY style melts your heart in the

VENUS IN LIBRA: The goddes of love, a most jolly, good cat.  Friendly and snuggly, affectionate

VENUS IN SCORPIO: Sensual and deep, intense, and mellow.  This CHARTREUX lover is a
paradoxical fellow.

VENUS in SAGITTARIUS: " Oh, I could meow theories of love on the spot, but that's so blazé and
right now it's too hot!"

VENUS IN CAPRICORN: "Now hear this:  I think we MANXES should be doing more important
things rather than smurtzing around all this love stuff.  But, you may kiss me."

VENUS IN AQUARIUS: "Ahem!  A friend indeed...is a friend in deed."  They like to shake paws, but
no romantic phrases from

VENUS IN PISCES: "Sentimental me; guess I'll always be sooooo in love with you, don't know what
to do, I'm a
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