Virgo New Moon 2018
    Sun. Sep. 09, 2018.   Keywords:  Power, possibility, peace
This is one of the best looking New Moon charts this year; of course that doesn't always mean great things ahead
this month.  Good things now-a-days seem to be more relative than ever before. We have a grand Earth trine
between Mercury, Saturn, and Uranus which is in orb until Wednesday of this week when Mercury leaves the
trine.  Trines are gifts in Astrospeak and grand trines are blessings.  We deserve a blessing right about now.

Then, we have Sun/Moon trine Pluto and sextile Jupiter forming a talent triangle which is like a little blessing or a
"hail mary" aspect as some might call it. Jupiter expands and Pluto is power so that can be good, no?

Howevah; there is the fact that the nodes of the Moon are square Uranus Rx and Venus (money, stocks, bonds,
etc) is quickly moving in to make a fixed cross.  That's one big earthquake that may hit between now and May of
2019 concerning the stock market, banks, and financial institutions. Do what we can to protect ourselves from it.
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