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Virgo super Full Moon 2019
Tues. Feb. 19, 2019.  Keywords:  
The first thing I noticed about this chart is the 30º Taurus Ascendant.  Remember that the exact degree of any
planet or body is always the next number if there are any minutes or, even 1' of arc.  For instance if a planet or
body is 15º and 2' of Taurus, we call it 16º and the Sabian Symbols are composed that way.

Too, this is a Super Full Moon and Lynn Hayes will explain below.

Since Lynn and Lynda don't usually have their copies in until the day of the aspect and I write this a few days
ahead,  I'll tell you somewhat 30º of Taurus says in Lynda's book:
OF AN OLD CASTLE the castle is old; it is slowly breaking apart and showing signs of crumbling. Peacocks can be a reminder of
the "grand old days". They are very territorial and will remain in a place long after the people are gone.

Lynda goes on to tell the positive and the caution of the symbol and you'll have to buy her fantastic book to find
them out and all the Signs of the Zodiac very beautifully covered.  

She also has many sayings from celebrities and this one is apropos:

As long as you're going to be thinking anyway; may as well think BIG!  Donald J. Trump
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