Virgo Full Moon 2018
   Thurs. Mar. 01, 2018.        Keywords:  work, sickness, illusion
March marches in like a fish out of water with five planets in Pisces all in the 6th house of work, health, employees,
and small animals. Carrying the meanings further, it also indicates one of your parent's siblings; probably Mom's.

In Mundane/World Astrology, it rules health care, employment, common workers, high and trade schools.  Interesting
that in the news today (2/27/18) twenty states are suing the government to end Obama Care. We'll have to wait and
see the outcome of this during this Lunar Phase. In Mundane Astrology, New and Full Moon sky charts tend to mirror
the concerns of the public; especially if erected for the capitol of a country

Oh BTW, that dark brown across the middle of the chart represents the horizon; it's a little crooked because our
government is a little bit likewise in many 6th house areas.

Robert calls this lunar phase the Pisces Full Moon and, I'd suppose he is technically correct, but since it speaks of the
Full Moon, I call it the Virgo Full Moon. See Robert's excellent article:
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