Transsociation for the 21st Century
J. Sue Gagliardi
All of my life I have been a student of psychology or study of the soul. Being a professional Astrologer for
33 years, from the first I had wanted to be a Jungian Analyst, but family concerns made that dream
impossible. They didn't keep me from Jungian analysis nor from years of studying Dr. Jung's concepts,

When I first heard the term, dissociation, it was considered pathological and commonly associated with
multiple personality disorder.

Later, some Doctors in the early '90s reconsidered after finding clinical and cognitive evidence that
dissociation may be a normal capacity in some people. In fact, dissociation was being viewed in some
individuals as an acceptably valid, healthy path towards personal transformation. Pondering the subject, I
realized that one of my "tricks" was dissociation and I believed that it was simply a coping mechanism. At
the time, I was studying for my Master's Degree in Transpersonal Studies at Atlantic University and was
prompted to write a paper entitled, Dissociation Can be Healthy!

Reading over that paper, I ended it by writing, "Within the humanistic/transpersonal field of endeavor,
there is a growing awareness and interest in the dissociative path. Moreover, it is being regarded as a
normal, healthy way to explore and pursue the vast human potential called consciousness."

If I were writing that paper today, I would probably not connect dissociation with a "path." It is still a
mechanism to me, if not for defense, for peace of mind. But, to divorce from its bad reputation as a defense
mechanism, I'd like to introduce a new word for the 21st century path of enlightened consciousness;
"transsociation!" What is the difference?

Dissociation is a defense mechanism which unconsciously occurs when certain thoughts, emotions, or
sensations are so overwhelming that one's consciousness splits off and completely detatches oneself
from the occuring situation or trauma. I can give you an example in my own life even though I sometimes
feel really foolish by telling the story; it seems so implausible.

In 1994 we moved to Florida and I began teaching Astrology (among other things) at our church center. I
had about 15 students in this particular class and as I was telling a story on myself, I felt a deep, hot, flush
spread upwards from my neck to my cheeks. I was embarrased. I couldn't believe it! I had never blushed in
my life. I had to sit back down and stop for a moment. Then, of course, I had to explain to the class what was
going on. I told them about my defense mechanism of dissociation and that it was what kept me from
blushing when I was embarrased and from crying in front of people when I was hurt. I had used dissociation
from a little child onward and now I didn't have to use it anymore. My unconscious had given it up. I was

Lately I have been reading Gregg Braden, Eckhart Tolle, Ervin Laszlo, among others and have joined
groups involved in expanded consciousness over the internet. It is a tremendously, spiritual growing time
for me and I feel it is expressing all over the globe. With all of my continuing study, I felt a new mechanism
bubbling up within me. I finally named it the other day, "transsociation."  It is like dissociation, but is a
conscious rather than unconscious process.

When I find myself thinking negatively, I don't try to fill my head with positive thinking. First, I consciously
admit and accept my negativity of the time, then I dismiss and transsociate it. It's a bit like mindfulness
meditation where, when thoughts come, one simply says, "thinking, thinking," and gently goes back to
meditation. I can say things like, "grumbling, grumbling," or "judging, judging," and gently go back to my
business at hand. I haven't struggled, admonished myself, or tried to summon positive thoughts which I
didn't feel; I just acknowledged the negativity and transsociated.

When I find myself with others who are seemingly know-it-alls, self-righteous, and arrogant, where I used to
be caught in a huffy disagreement, more than likely now I will hush and project, "blessings, blessings" to
them. With my Sun opposite Mars, that's sometimes a difficult transsociation!