Total Lunar Eclipse 2019
M       Mon. Jan. 21, 2019.  Keywords:  secret plots, & closet deals!
WOW; what a sky chart;  what is coming our way? This chart pinpoints the 10th house of the president and the
4h house of our home (which is where we live). These houses are in opposition because the Sun/Moon
opposition is in those houses.

Because the North Node of the Moon is conjunct the Moon in the 10th house of President Trump, I believe
there may be an attempt to impeach the president during this fortnight, but it will fail for some obscure reason.  
That is not only why I came to that conclusion;  the tri-semisquares of the Sun to Venus/Jupiter and Neptune
provide a sly off-stage drama that is played out in espionage.  So nothing is what it seems and nobody can be
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