My Lunar Journal
Wed. Apr.26, 2017.  Keywords:       
Thurs. 5/04/17.  Just got back from the Cuban restaurant where I met Evelyn and Daniel(Mom and Son Owners)
and saw Robbie from JOEYS who works there.  Great food; I had a cobb salad and ice tea. I sat by Joseph who
doesn't have any designs on me at all.  For some reason Mimi is after him to be a client.  Don't know the full story,
but Joseph thinks his family put her up to it.  So much blah going on!

Fri. 5_05_17.  Woke up this morning with stomach and bowel upset.  Guess I can't go to restaurants after a
three-day cleanse.  I gained a pound, too.  crapola! I'm still a little nauseated.

Today is Cinco de Mayo and I need some black stockings for my outfit. We've got entertainment, too! Hope I feel
better by then.

It was 61 degrees this morning when I took Lily for a walk; love it!
Sat. May 13, 2017.  For the last two nights I've awakened to see the full moon out my window after dreaming.  
Last night my dream was one of those long, involved, "being lost" dream.  I was in a big, strange city lost and
looking for a place to stay.  I found one nice b and b, but it was full.  

Then I kept asking people I stopped on the street for a nice place to stay, but when they gave me directions, I
simply could not find the places.  I would get further lost in horrible empty and dark garages underground and hugh
ornate buildings that weren't hotels.  The city did not seem to be Cincinnati as my usual lost city dreams used to
be.  I'm entirely alone in a strange city and nobody can help me.

How does this dream relate to my life now?  Perfectly!  I seem to be lost in obsessions right now. Oh well, they'll
pass; they always do.
Sun. May 14, 2017.  Another night of dreams...this time,in the middle of the night, I had a long involved dream
about a gang of rather friendly guys robbing my house while I was in there.  One of the scenes I remember vividly
is the busting in of my garage door and all the men rushing in.  Then I saw this little boy outside in the grass
playing with my stolen sewing box that I used to have.  That seemed really weird.  I know the meaning of this
dream, too; my animus has taken over my life and the child part of it is playing with me.  I'm really sick of this. The
dream just before I woke up, I forgot trying to remember the animus dream.  oh well...
Wed. May 17, 2017.  No more dreams; guess I got the message correctly.  Tomorrow is my birthday and I
finished my
Notes from my Husband, Orlando.  All I need now is one of our wedding pictures; all the kids have
my wedding pictures.

I had a chat with Joseph yesterday; I still don't understand him, but c'est la vie!