TAURUS New Moon 2019
Sat. May 04, 2019.       Keywords:   Attention: Enemy  Alert!
A few months ago, we had a sky chart with all planets on the East half of the chart which denoted that the subject
was mostly self directed and in charge of their destiny.  This sky chart, with most planets on the Western side of
the chart shows that the subject is "other" directed and others are in charge of the subject's future.

Too, the ruler of the 7th house of  'other' is Mars which is directly opposite Jupiter (ruler of the 3rd house of
communication and contains two malefics; Saturn and Pluto along with the South Node of the Moon.  All of this
points to a Karmic debt from the past which is demanding payment in spades!  This is why I termed the chart;
Attention: Enemy Alert! Read what Rose Marcus says about the Blue Moon:

The Sabian Symbol of 15º Taurus is:

Head Covered With A Rakish Silk Hat, Muffled Against The Cold, A Man Braves A Storm

This symbol brought to mind a well-known person who is braving a storm with his head in a 'Rakish Silk Hat!'
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