Taurus Full Moon 2018
Wed. Oct. 24, 2018.             Keywords: Financial death on the cross!
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Sun. Oct. 21, 2018. Today as I prepared this essay, I had to put in two opinions of the meaning of Taurus Full
Moon in three more days.  We should be getting some of the inklings at which one is more right-on AND then take
a look at what Aquarius Papers has to say about it.  This is not a sissy full Moon, y'a know?

There's a lot going on between the 10th house [area of the President) and,us the citizens [the 4th house].  So what
else is new? Well, as different as the two graphics I picked for this chart above are the differences between the two
or three outlooks of the astrologers below.  I found them very interesting and all good analyses.  See what you
think and which one is closest to my keywords above?  I did them before I read their analyses.

Ok, here's my thought:  There is a fixed Cross from the Moon's nodes to Sun/Moon, Venus and Uranus. The
Nodes nearly always mean a Karmic situation from the past and for the future.  They are conjunct the financial
houses of the chart (2nd house; our finances) 8th house; other's finances).  

The Sun in this chart rules the 8th house and Uranus rules the 2nd house.  They are in opposition, but Uranus is
Rx [retrograde].  That could mean a delay in the action.  How long a delay?  I would say as long as Uranus is Rx
and, possibly, when it hits Taurus again at the point when it went Rx.  I'll figure it out for you.  

So, these would be the dates;  Uranus goes direct on
January 6, 2019. Uranus went Rx on August 7, 2018 at      
2º Taurus 33'. It will reach that point again on
April 23, 2019.  Those two dates and in-between are prime for a
financial crisis; most particularly for the U.S. because the South Node is on the 2nd house cusp and that house is
the U.S. Financial house and Uranus, the ruler, is in the 4th house of our citizens and can be disastrous for us!

Oh, and by the way, Venus not only rules Love and Marriage; it rules money and finances.