Scorpio New Moon 2018
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Nov. 2, 2018. It is five days before the Scorpio New Moon and four days before the Mid-term voting on the 6th of
November.  Ye gods, what a week this is going to be!

The lunar phase we're entering now is called, "the dark of the Moon."  It's probably deeper darker when it's going
into the Scorpio New Moon.  Scorpio is darkness herself being ruled by PLUTO! The photo on the right of the chart
above I borrowed from
It depicts so clearly the darkness around the secretive Scorpio and I couldn't help, but snatch it up.  As a thank you, is featured below because it has a very good article as always.

So what does this chart say about the election? What party is going to win? First, let's name the Houses of the
Parties; the President's party is in the 10th House where the Scorpio New Moon is.  The Ruler of that Scorpio
House is Pluto, which is in the 1st House of all the citizens. The Scorpio New Moon is sextile Pluto which shows an
ease operating in the GOP party.  We've known that all along because of the difficulties the GOP party has made it
for DEM runners in states such as Georgia and Nevada.  So, some things are more easy for the Republicans.

The Democratic Party is ruled by the 4th House and, as we pointed out above, the citizens as a whole are
represented by the 1st House.  If we judge this chart traditionally, the above does not look good for the Democratic
Party. The President's Pluto in the 1st House is in easy relationship to the Scorpio New Moon in the President's
10th House and it looks like the race easily belongs to him.

But, take a look at the ruler of the 4th House, Venus in Libra, in opposition to Uranus in A
ries in the 4th House of
the Democrats, both planets RX (retrograde) and both intercepted (behind the scenes). What could be more
sneaky than that? That's more 'deeper darker' than the Scorpio New Moon. I bet they've got something up their
sleeves that nobody knows, but other Democrats, and it just may pull them through.

Before I leave, I'd like to give the meanings of the symbols of the Scorpio New Moon, and Uranus.  I'm using the
system of Chandra Dhi Manthri's, but you can check on the Sabian Symbols in Lynda Hill's website below; might be
nteresting to compare. Any minutes from 1" goes to the next degree. Perhaps we could say that Pluto is co-ruler of
Aries and that's fairly sneaky as Uranus is trine {in out of Sign} Saturn ruler of the 1st House. AW phooey.

16 º Scorpio; Scorpio New Moon:  Running across an open field, you are carrying a heavy leather bag in which
are gold and jewels.  You are pursued by two who would take the bag from you. It is so heavy that in order not to
be overtaken by the two, you have to abandon this bag. The two who pursue are the fear of the opinions of others
and the love of the short pleasures of the world.  The bag is made of the animal instincts within your nature
accumulated in your youth, the baubles by which you can't escape from all that is false and which you wasted in
protection of what must some day be left behind; thy knowledge of spiritual law, your ability to govern yourself and
others with justice.
[sound like anyone we know?]

30º Aries; Uranus:  You're a magic Mirror in whose depths you perceive the yearnings of miserable, misguided
mankind. Your sympathies are universal and the work you can perform is measurable only by the horizon which
you can envision. Your labors are those of your soul and mind for the benefit for the many who do not appreciate
you. Reward and glory may not be yours, but your don't care; it is an inner need that drives you, not the praise that
dies in its echo.
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