Scorpio Full Moon 2020
Thurs. May 7, 2020.  Keywords: potent intensity
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Aquarius Papers
What can a Taurus tell you about a Scorpio?  As my opposite Sign and if a male, I can say that I've been
dazzled by one, attracted to one, and scared by one. But, then I delivered one; my daughter Carol. I can
fairly well say: I still do not
totally understand Scorpio.

If we're lucky enough to have clear skies tonight, the Scorpio Full Moon is a SUPER one and should be
spectacular!  Actually, yesterday night it should have been more so as it was still growing and fully full at
6:45 AM this morning Eastern time.

10:30 PM Eastern:  I just looked out to the SouthEastern skies and there was the Scorpio Full Moon for
just a few minutes and then the clouds closed around it.  So glad I saw it even for a moment.
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Lynn Hayes