Sagittarius New Moon Journal
Dec. 18, 2017.                                                Keywords: ready, aim, FIRE!
Today, I am right on time; it is the New Moon in Sagittarius today.  My sugar is normal and I'm ready to keep on
Adkins or Atkins another few weeks at least.  My first goal is normal sugar; my second is to get my weight under the
150  mark on the doctor's scale. Then, my third is to reach 140 lbs.  

Lordy, I can't seem to quit talking about this diet; it seems to be an obsession!  But, that's what it takes for me.  At
least until the next obsession.  Let's see...  

Only three more days until the Winter Solstice (Capricorn).  The ancients used to celebrate the Winter Solstice as
the New Year.  That was (probably) because it looked like the Sun would rise lower and lower in the Southern  sky
until they thought that it would stop rising and would disappear forever.  But, no; suddenly it seemed to stop rising
more Southernly and, after four days, began to rise more Northernly.  Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy New
Year; we are saved!  
Jan. 14, 2018.  It is the dark of the Moon; the time just before a New Moon cycle.  Things are quiet on the Cosmic
Front and we're just waiting for something to happen as we look forward to the Capricorn new Moon which is in  two
Capricorn New Moon 2018!

I'm in a very Capricorn angst right now; trying to get organized in moving to Cincinnati.  The money is running out
with our two moves (from Chicago to Cincinnati and Florida to Cincinnati). I've still got way too much stuff even with
an Indian give-away every evening at Happy Hour.

My old scale's batteries died and I replaced them, but now the stupid thing doesn't work.  So, it gives me a great
excuse to forgedabout the Atkins diet for a few weeks.  Maybe forever.
Capricorn New Moon

Capricorn New Moon