Sagittarius New Moon 2017
Mon. Dec. 18, 2017.  Keywords:
Thurs,12_14_17.  Its quite a few days before the new Moon and I'm just studying it .  With five out of 10 planets in
Sagittarius, it's definitely peppered with the centaur of the Zodiac. What does that mean?  

Sagittarius stands for living life grandly with big ideas, plans, and style!  Jupiter is the planet associated with
Sagittarius and Jupiter is the "Big Daddy" and Santa Claus of the 12 Signs. Nothing small about Sagittarians
except, maybe, their physique.

I'm just about ready to step on the heels of Sagittarius New Moon in a couple of days.  Sagittarius rules a part of
my 11th house of dreams and my 12th house of nightmares.  However, with Sagittarius; it's usually all good!

Note that all points to the 3rd house of neighbors and 4th house of home.  Only Uranus in the house of the "other"
is above the horizon (7th, house).  So, it might be that what  Washington sees as "other" is in for a calamity or
ready to commit one.  That is the one thing hard to read in the chart...Who's going to get it? In this case it looks
like our neighbors or allies.  This is a time for prayer and looking out for each other.
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