Pisces New Moon Journal 2018
Sat. Mar. 17, 2018.  Keywords:  compassion, duality, infinite
Mon. Mar. 19, 2018.  The New Moon on Saturday, the 17th, was a big deal in my life; it was also my first
greatgranddaughter Carmella's birthday! Her picture is in my biography page on this site:
Sat. Mar. 24, 2018. It's snowing again; hard!  However, the weather report says it will be about 65º by next
Sunday, so good'O!

I'm feeling better about the weather here; at least better than I felt at first. Day before yesterday I made chili and
got deathly sick during the night.  I was so afraid that my sister and daughter (2 Carols) both got it, but they did
not and so it was my own personal poisoning.  Have no idea why? Tomatoes are (to me-goes!)

Tomorrow I'm making Spaghetti and meat balls.  I'll be very sure to just taste it rather than gobble. The
nightshades are really poison to me.

I'm back to Oprah and Deepak with their 21 day meditations; I simply love to do that.  It's my 3rd one and I intend
to keep on as long as they offer it. I feel so good meditating every day; it's good medicine!

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday and Good Friday is my one day in a Catholic Church where I do the 14 Steps of the
Cross every year. Easter Sunday I prepare Holy Communion and seems I will be the only partaker this year. I
hope Jesus counts himself as the 2nd person so he will be present where "two or more are gathered together!"
God bless America