Pisces New Moon 2019
Wed. March 6, 2019:  Keywords:  delusion, sabotage, twisted
Thurs. Feb. 28, 2019.  I'm writing this almost a week before the Pisces New Moon.  This is the most poignant chart
that I've seen in a while.

1.  All the Pisces planets are intercepted which can indicate that they're "like" in jail.  Of course, that's in Koch's
table of Houses which I use, but many do not. Intention is focused!

2.  They are also all in the 10th House which is the area of the leader, president, or CEO of anything.  Since it's
calculated for Washington, D.C., I consider it President Trump's House.

3.  The Sun and Moon are conjunct (together with) Neptune, the planet of delusion, sabotage, and twisted thinking.
However, Neptune has saving grace when applied to a highly Spiritual person.  Read:

4.  All three are square to Jupiter in the 7th House of "Other" which could be mate as well as enemy.  [think about it]

We might just be concerned about these aspects because they point out the danger and where it's coming from and
going to.  The Sun in the 10th House rules Leo in the 4th House of the Home [which is us]. The Moon in the 10th
rules the 2nd House of our assets which has the North Node of the Moon in it which concludes a fortunate outcome
in the future.  Let's hope; not too long.
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