Pisces Full Moon 2019
Sat. Sep. 14, 2019.     Keywords: somethin's going down\
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It is about one hour before the Pisces Full Moon is exact and I have been watching it for the past few hours as it
rises and shines out my patio door.  I figured I'd better get busy and do this page before this Harvest Moon was on
its way out of intensity which seems to happen rather rapidly after reaching fullness as I recall.

When I set up the sky chart, I was really surprised to see all the oppositions and the T-square between Mars,
Jupiter, and Neptune as well as a wide inclusion with the Sun/Moon and Mercury/Venus.  That's a lot of stuff going
on up there! To me that indicates a very busy week or two on our planet if we agree with the ancient adage,
"As above; so below!"

In mundane Astrology, the 10th area (house) indicates the President and the 4th house shows our home (Country)
which is the USA. As I watched Rachel Maddow tonight, I perceived a definite feeling that she was holding
something back that she couldn't discuss at this time.  Things are getting very tight for the president and fairly soon
there may be karma to pay for what has been going on within his presidency and the GOP senate particularly with
a certain Kentuckian.  Makes me sad for my home state for producing such a hard head!