Foggy Technology 2008

Ever since Neptune joined Uranus in Aquarius 10 years ago some of our technology has been getting foggier and
foggier.  With Uranus in Pisces since 2003 it’s become so foggy, it might as well be traveling blind!

I used to blame all the nasty traps in my house on men; after all most engineers of my generation were men.  I
would always whine, “Why can’t women design kitchens for WOMEN?” The complaint was about kitchen cabinets
being so high that I could never reach anything on the 2nd shelf or above without a step stool.  Back then, when the
earth was still cooling, I wasn’t considered a “shrimp” in size, but today I’m five inches below the norm so it  
wouldn’t do any good to have women design my kitchen.

Who was the jerk who designed refrigerator doors to close by themselves?  That had to be a man.  While the lady
of the house is bending over to get some veggies out of the vegetable drawer and holding her back in pain, the
door bangs her in the hip every time.  Geeze, did he think we ladies were so stupid that we needed a nudge to
remember to close the refrigerator door?  HUH???  And what’s with the freezer on the top, for pete’s sake?  Don’t
you guys know that hot air rises?  Also, we wouldn’t have to bend over and hold our aching backs to get veggies
and fruits if you knew how to design better.  Not all of us have room for side-by-sides, thank you very much Mr.
Kitchen designer.

Remember those 29¢ vegetable peelers that never got dull and lasted about 25 years? Uh huh.  They weren’t
good enough.  You can’t find them anywhere anymore.  Some guy figured he’d make a newer, better, more
expensive one.  Quite a few companies (I won’t name names) hopped onto that bandwagon.  You know who I
mean, ladies.

The foggiest and most stupid technology of all is this next one.  Everyone has an electric can opener, right? That’s
at least a 20 year old invention they made us get.  Well, guess what?  You can toss it out right now; it’s obsolete!  
A man has now invented a self opening can top.  I think it’s called a flip top?  I think someone’s flipped his dang lid
or I’d like to do it for him.  Of all the #@&^%”#+~! crappiest inventions there ever was; it is that!!!  You have to get
a knife to pry it up.  If it breaks, then, you have to go out to the garage and find that dad blamed can opener you
saved just in case and open it that way. If it doesn’t break, you have to call someone bigger and stronger to pull it
open.  I think that’s why it was invented anyway; poor self image in some brute who needs to be needed!  

Personally, I’ll be glad when Neptune joins Uranus in Pisces. Maybe we’ll all forget about inventing things and
enjoy life.  Let’s go fishin’!