Capturing the Energy of NEPTUNE; The Blessing
neptune scale
NEPTUNE is called the higher octave of Venus, the planet of personal love, values, and assets.  
What in the world does "higher octave" mean?   Personal love becoming universal love;  values
and assets becoming universal, too.  Does that seem reasonable?  The outer planet, Neptune, is
the higher and more universal expression of the more self centered urges of the human conditions
represented by Venus.

Too many times we Astrologers talk about the lower values and expressions of the outer planets.  
Aren't we creating problems when we talk about confusion, illusion, disappointment, etc.,
concerning a Neptune transit? I would hope that we could inspire a higher consciousness about
the possibilities of using the energy of the planets in creating our reality based on the higher
values of the planets.

It is time we quit glooming and dooming and talk about intention, faith, Universal consciousness,
love and oneness when we speak of Neptune and let's inspire rather than spread confusion,
illusion, and disappointment to the ones we wish to counsel.

Let us open to the BLESSINGS that we can bestow on each other and the world.
In the last class I taught in Chicago before I moved to Florida in 1994, I was explaining how
important it was to reach for the higher values of the outer planets when noting a coming transit. I
told the story of when Uranus and Neptune conjuncted my ascendant a few years before and how
I used the positive energies of those wonderful planets.

In February 1989, I became very ill with psoriatic arthritis.  It was the third bout with this disease
since I was 22 years old.  I became almost totally crippled; barely able to walk.  I was put on
prednisone recommended to my physician by a rheumatologist.   Uranus and Neptune were both
in the early degrees of Capricorn and in my 12th house.   I was very aware of my chart at that time
and wondered what those two had in store for me.  I was studying Jung very strongly at the time
and I recalled his comment about when things are not brought into consciousness, they tend to
occur as outer events that we call fate.  I determined then that I would be conscious about these
transits and that I would use their energies for my good rather than wait to let fated events occur.

In November 1989 Uranus squared my 3rd/9th Moon opposite Saturn and I wrote to Atlantic
University in Virginia Beach, VA to enroll in their Master's program.  I had spent the Summer
gathering all my highschool and college credits from hither and yon and was ready to go.  In
December Saturn conjuncted my ascendant and I was set.  My first 501 course was sent to me in
January 1990 and I was GO for the planetary energies of Uranus and Neptune.

My course of study was Transpersonal Psychology; how Neptunian can you get?  I learned the
computer with the help of Uranus.  I went to Virginia Beach, VA five times in the next 2 1/2 years
before I graduated in October 1992.   It was one of the happiest and most fulfilling times of my life.

What could have happened if I had not been conscious and directing of those energies of Uranus
and Neptune?  I laughingly told my Astrology students what an old fashioned negative Astrologer
might have said,

"Well, you have Neptune, the great dissolver, coming from your house of death to your point of
the physical body.  Then you have Uranus, the great destroyer, coming from your house of the
end of life passing over the same point.  I never predict death, but you should get your house in
order!  MUHAHA!"
It is important when you know in advance that you have transits from the outers to:

1.  Make your intention about what you want or need from the energies.
2.  Make a first preparatory step.
3.  Follow through with faith, love, and gratefulness.
4. BLESS the universe for its love and support.