Libra New Moon 2019
Sat. Sep. 28, 2019.                   Keywords: Help; trouble ahead!
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This is NOT the best chart I've seem this year. Not drawn on this chart is the T-square between
Sun/Moon/Ascendant/PF* and Chiron. This tells me that there is a BIG bruhaha that is focusing on us, the
people of the US. *
=part of fortune

It is nasty, painful, and karmic with Saturn, Pluto, and south node in the 1st house of "we the people!"

Because the Democrats have declared an impeachment investigation on the president, I'm fairly sure that this  
will be the keynote problem between us and them (both of those being we citizens). This may bring us close
to a civil war. The 19th Century war was over the enslavement of a race; the 21st Century war may be over
the impeachment of a president.

It doesn't seem like the democrats OR republicans are close to any kind of agreement concerning Donald
Trump. We either love him or hate him and refuse to see any other response than that. What a predicament!