Leo New Moon Journal
Sun. July 23, 2017.   Keywords;  Love is in the Air!
August 1, 2017.  Here it is,  August already.  The mornings have been cool and it's only 81º at 11 AM.   I don't
know why I wrote, 'Love is in the Air' last week when I set up this page; must have been hallucinating!  It was
probably just too hot!             

I'm done with the Sabbath Communion; not any interest at all.  It makes me sad, but also relieved. I'm trying to get
out of most everything right now; I'm just overwhelmed with too much going on and too little time to do it all.

Rosemary Clark came back into my life last week.  I was so happy to hear from her; I've looked for her for years, but
couldn't find her.  She seems to be doing really well. I love that woman and really missed her.

I'm getting concerned about the eclipse coming at the end of August; I must look up what went on with me the last
time there was a 29 º Leo eclipse.

Thurs. Aug. 03, 2017.  OK I looked it up Aug 02, 1998.  I was 61 years old and I have no recollection of that year at
all.   It's really strange though,  I dreamed of my Mother last night and it was very sad; there must be unresolved
pain with me concerning her.  I hoped I was done with that, but guess not.  Anyway, I was having a party and many
people came with Mom among them.  I was in the bathroom in my terry cloth bathrobe putting on make up.  It was in
the Highland St house.  I came out of the bathroom and sat down on the right side of the bed.  Mom and a bunch of
men were sitting on the other side.  My robe kept opening and I kept tightening the belt to keep it closed. After the
men left, Mom said, "You were up to your old tricks; letting the men see you with that robe."  I was very upset and
hurt when she said that!  She then said,  "See they're over there discussing you and your slutty ways."

OMG, talk about a dream being real and hurtful.  I couldn't believe it and still can't.  I remembered this dream right
after day 16 of the Depak and Oprah meditation day on
one's purpose in life.  I thought, maybe my purpose was to
forgive my Mom and, maybe, myself?  But then I believe that I already had...   Then I remembered that the new deal
was not to forgive, but NOT to blame in the first place.  That is the new thought principle I advanced; No Blame!  
My purpose for this day was to dwell on that rather than forgiveness. (I guess.) I don't blame my Mom and I don't
blame me either.  Amen.

Funny afterthought:  Facebook asked a question; who is your guardian angel? The answer was,  MY PARENTS!!!
That really was apropos.
2:50 AM August 8, 2017.  Lilly woke me up at 12: 30 AM to take her out.  I haven't been able to go to sleep and a
few minutes ago I saw the Full Moon out my window; that did it!  I got up to look at the aspects.  

Lots went on yesterday:  I made an appointment with Dr. Angel who is now across the street and they will cancel
my appointment with Dr. Mayes and get my records. I also decided to go to Dr Brenda Moore and made an
appointment with her next Tuesday.
Mon. Aug. 21, 2017.  I've been sitting here through the whole Leo solar eclipse doing the chart, aspects,
and now, this page.  I saw it get a bit dark when the eclipse was full, and a few minutes ago, it got dark again.
I thought, "what the heck?"  But now it's a thundercloud.   

Took Lily to the groomers for a bath today; she's had yellow diarrhea for two days because I fed her
something with garlic;  I feel so guilty!

Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas Friday, Aug. 25th. Didn't reach Lou and his family, but devastated

Mon. Sep. 11, 2017.  Somehow it's still the Leo time until the New Moon in Virgo on the 20th of
September!  This seems to be my longest journal page on record. I've been watching the Weather Channel
for hours trying to figure this Irma out; it's reduced to a storm now, but still creating havoc.