Leo New Moon 2019
    Wed. Jul. 31, 2019.    Keywords: ... the "interesting times!"
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"May you live during interesting times" is an old Chinese saying probably said with tongue in cheek!  Well, all, we
are in very interesting times! Many of us are elated; many of us are miserable. The percentage is very close to
50/50. I imagine that there are some who simply "don't give a damn" as Clark Gable proclaimed in
Gone With the
and shocked the world!

Thank goodness the New Moon is separating from the square (90º) to Uranus which was very strong in aspect
during the last couple of days. I bet a lot of us had a big surprise or two during that transit!             I sure did!

The aspect I'm watching closely is the Jupiter square to Neptune; a generational inclination that concerns
religion, spirituality, and/or philosophy. It will be interesting for me to see what crops up by the end of that aspect
which ends by default the first week of September this year.

In the meantime, enjoy the Leo kindness, joy, and fun during the rest of her romp in the Zodiac!