Leo New Moon 2017
Sun. July 23, 2017.                       Keywords:  A hit and a miss at same time.
The Leo New Moon hit the Emerald Coast at 4:46 AM CDT, an hour before the chart above.  I show the chart for
Washington, D.C. 'cause that's where all the action is!

The hit aspects are; Venus oppose Saturn and Mercury trine Uranus.  Saturn oppose Venus takes the sweetness
out of life for a few days, but Uranus trine Mercury give us some genius ideas about how to get around that.  We
use our gift of imagination and planning for the next weekend; hot date somewhere romantic.  I got my plans!

The misses or past hits are Sun, Moon, and Mars trine Chiron and square Uranus which made us a bit afraid a
couple of days ago; looked like gloom, doom, and destruction there for awhile, but we're still here.  See the
Capricorn Full Moon chart. Yikes!
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