One of the things that has always bothered me in the definition of Houses concerns the 12th House.  It was called the house
of secret enemies among other dire conditions.  What I think about the 12th house is that it is the most open house in the
wheel (except for the 9th, 10th, and 7th).  It is the time of Sunrise and one of the most visable Houses in the wheel. The next
would be Sunset when the Sun is in the 7th house.  Next are the 9th and 10th Houses when the Sun is high in the sky and the
hottest times of the day.

If you have the Sun in the 12th, believe me, everyone knows what you're doing!  You may be secretive, you may be your own
worst enemy, but you are known!  Your Sun is rising!  Everyone is watching YOU!  A lot of research has been done on Sun
placement in a birth chart.  The 12th, 9th, and 6th came in TOPS for being the Houses with the most famous people's Sun in
some professions.  See
Michael Gaugelin  and read Michael Gaugelin's research .

Another of the annoying problems with house systems is cloudy division between houses.  A Planet may be in one house and
in the Sign of the next house.  Some Astrologers will say to read it for both houses.  I can't fully agree with that.  If a Planet is
in one house, but in the Sign of the next house within a conjunction aspect, I read it as belonging to the house of its Sign. If
the cusps of houses are imagined as "doors" to the house, the oncoming Planet is opening the door.
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