Holistic Health 7
May 2015~May 2016
I've not written much in the past two years. I've become a widow (10/04/14), sold our large home and now live in a
rented house, psoriatic arthritis has returned after 21 years, I'm on a new diet (Bulletproof) and getting ready to try
another one (Gene Therapy Plan), relearning Tai Chi, and going back to working in the Holistic Field again.

I really liked the Bulletproof diet, but I lost 10 pounds in January/February 2015 and have not lost another pound
since.  Time to try something new; I like the idea behind the Gene Therapy Plan.  It is to make your diet 1/3, 1/3, 1/3
protein, carbohydrate, and fat respectively.  Sounds a lot less complicated than some plans.  

I'll still keep the bulletproof coffee in my morning ritual;  I think it's good for my skin and also, I've always hated early
breakfasts.  The 14-16 hour fast has helped me keep my sugar levels down and I feel better, too; just not losing any
more weight.  

2/06/2016.  Hmmm, lots has happened since I wrote the above.  I've moved again and here is my new place from
August 2015:  
I love living here at "the home" as I call it.  It has everything I need to be happy and fulfilled.  I'm the self-appointed
chaplain here as they didn't have one, but they do have a chapel.  I offer a Sabbath Devotional every Saturday
morning with communion and a short 8 minute service. I send out cards to those who are not well or in the hospital
or, heaven forbid, have lost a loved one. It's not much, but I do love doing it.

I made almond milk today (another diet) and will make my fantastic cookies from the dried almonds used to make the
milk.  I have another guru; Pedram Shojai.  He's brilliant, a zen monk background, wrote a knockout cookbook which
he gives away plus many free videos on his membership list for free when you join.