Holistic Health 3
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Summer 2011
Officially Summer began yesterday at 0º Cancer, the tropical Summer Solstice; the longest day of the year.
Solstice means "standing  still." The Sun rises as far Northeast as he will go and set as far Northwest as he
will travel.  The Sun will rise and set  in the same position (why it's called solstice) for a couple of days and
then rise a bit South of his Northeast Solstice position and set a bit South of his Northwest position until the
Autumn Equinox of equal days and nights. Then, on to the Winter Solstice six months from now when we
have the shortest day of the year.

Summertime gives us a chance to eat fresh fruit and vegetables every day for every meal, if we like. Right
now, strawberries and blueberries are plentiful and peaches are just arriving from Alabama, Georgia and
the Carolinas.  I prefer Chilton County Peaches from Alabama; my favorite.

In a couple of weeks, I'll be picking figs off my trees in back and it looks like this year will be a bumper
crop.  But, I'd better not count my figs before I pick them; I have to fight the squirrels and blue jays for them.

In February we had many, many oranges from our tree, but looks like we won't have many next year even
though it had beautiful blossoms.

As I grow older, I take more medicine it seems, but I also try to take the best vitamins on the market.  I
really like Dr. Weil's site for vitamins.  He has a great test to establish each person's needs. You can take
that test

For the past two weeks, I've been using subliminals from Mind Master.  Every morning when I come to my
computer, after I say my morning prayer, do my lesson from Spirituality and Practice, I turn on my
subliminals tapes.  There are three of them that I listen to. At the same time, subliminals that I have chosen
are flashing at me on my computer.  I'm very used to them and they are not interrupting anything I do.  

It is too soon to make an evaluation of them; they are simply a part of what I'm doing for my holistic health
and well being. However, I really love them and use them every day without fail.

I did start to use the rebounder every weekday, but fell off that habit too soon.  And, they called me from
Curves to find out why I haven't come there in quite a while.  I'm so bad about exercise and wish that I could
motivate myself to keep up with it.  I still walk my Lily every day (once).    One of my subliminals is about
losing weight and exercise.  I'd better set that one up!

As far as the four points of Joe Vitale's prayer, I edited them down to two.  With my Capricorn rising, I'm too
into guilt as it is so I don't say I'm sorry or forgive me.  I say, I love you my Lord God and thank you for all my
many blessings.  If I do something awful, I'll address that at another time.

Summertime should be the time for living easy and being more still and quiet, especially for us older folks.  
Meditation is such a great gift and tool for doing this.  For a short intro into
Meditation, see mine.  Anything
to get started on this great path to light, love, and peace.

Spirituality and Practice just came out with a wonderful essay on Summer Practices; they say:
There is something about the changed pace of our
lives during these months that makes it a little easier
to dedicate time to growth on our path.