Holistic Health 5
Body, Mind & Spirit
Winter 2011
Tuesday; November 15, 2011.   It isn't Winter yet, but since
Thanksgiving is within a fortnight, it's time to get ready.

I received a very nice letter from Marie who liked the Vitamin/Mineral
chart on Holistic Health 2 and suggested another site for a great
article concerning Vitamins and Minerals:
The Medifast Plan.
Marie is connected with another website called and it is filled with great information; I was
doubly interested in the healthy eating for seniors.  

We simply cannot get enough information concerning our health
although there are some problems that come up with too much
information.  Sometimes we get confused by the differences of
opinion expressed by Dr. Such and Such and Dr. So and So. It would
be so much easier if they all agreed on everything.

This week I read in Yahoo Health that the only tuna to eat is albacore
because they are smaller and have less mercury.  I have been eating
regular, light tuna for years because a doctor said that albacore tuna
contained more mercury than plain, light tuna.

This is the kind of stuff that makes me crazy!  Here's the latest blog
mentioned above:
5 Fish.  The other one about plain, light tuna is just
a memory. I eat only wild Alaska Salmon and anything else I can
import from them.  I make Salmon salad out of the canned wild
Alaska salmon.  It's even better than tuna salad.  Here's my recipe:

1 can wild, Alaska, red, sock-eye salmon
1/2 sweet onion and 1 stalk celery chopped fine
1/4 C sweet relish or dill relish if diabetic
2 tblsps real mayonese and 2 tblsps extra virgin olive oil
1/8 teasp of tumeric and black pepper each
Mix all together in a bowl and slice a hard boiled egg over the top.
Dust egg with paprika.
You can use pink sock-eye Salmon to save a bit, but I think the red is
more nutritious.  Click on red can above for website.

Ok, I'm getting antsy to go on another diet.  I keep getting all this wonderful diet advice in my  
e-mails.  I appreciate this book,
Belly Fat Free, by Josh Bezoni and his website at

Too, Dr. Weil has a great health site and I l really like his vitamin test as I wrote before and his
advice for diabetics.

Dr. Whitaker's blog today reminded me that the best time to exercise is before breakfast.  He says,
"This simple technique forces your body to burn stored fat for energy, rather than relying on the food
you just ate."

Although I'm a certified Bach Flower Remedy consultant, I've never studied the mineral salts
designated by "...Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler who discovered in the late nineteenth century how
important these tissue salts were." This is a great article concerning the
biochemical salts.  xxx