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In the drawing above the green part indicates the personality, the pink denotes the soul, and the yellows
represent the angelic/spiritual beings that watch over us. We are comprised of many parts.

You have probably noticed all those letters after my name; are you impressed?  Well, I hope so because I
have actually earned some of them.  However, I’m never too impressed with letters after someone’s name;  
I don’t know what many of them mean.  And, too, what good are letters after someone’s name if what they
teach does not work?

Ah, there’s the rub.  How many times have you tried something and got nothing?  How many times have
you paid good money for what you tried and still got nothing?

With this course of study you will get something and you don’t have to pay a cent.  All you have to do is take
some time to do the exercises and write a bit each day or so. You may be asked to meditate for some
minutes each day.

That’s all.

With many of the above subjects, I’ll have my say and then recommend others in the particular field online
and some books for further study, if you so desire.

So, what might you expect to get from this course of study?  You might expect to get rich and live the life of
Riley forevermore.  You might expect to become beautiful, thin, and famous almost overnight.  You might
expect to find the woman of your dreams who will do all the work your Mom did for you, is fantastic in bed,
and doesn’t expect anything from you except a, “hello, how y’a doin’, babe?” once a day or so.

Expect; NOT!

In fact, after writing that last paragraph, not Expect; NOT, I’ll make the first assignment right here and now.  
Let’s see what you’d really expect from the slate of classes above after reading the class titles.

1.  After reading the list of topics above, the first thing I thought was _____________________________

2.  I need to change _________________________________In my life.

3.  I’m willing to spend about ___________________________ minutes each day on this course.

4. My dream is to become__________________________________________.

What did you find out about yourself in your answers to the four questions?

OK, let’s get started on the Body.  Note that the topics are in alphabetical order.  We won’t be starting with
Bach Flower Remedies, but with something more direct and easy. Many times we will be doing more than
one topic at a time; combining the principles.

The first topic of which we need be aware is Energy Healing.  Watch the wonderful six minute introduction:
For those of you who are interested, the letters after my name mean, as follows; Master of Arts, Doctor of
Divinity, Professional Member of the American Federation of Astrologers, Prophetess At Large, and
Emotional Empath. Read what Judith Orloff M.D.says about
 Emotional Empaths.  Of course the last
two are my way of trying to be funny.  I'm no prophetess nor an empath, but they sound interesting, don't
they? I was going to give myself an OAL (Oracle At Large) degree rather than a PAL, but OAL sounded
too much like oil. Now, that's nothing to kid around about!

I do a lot of kidding around when I write; if you're put off by it, please ignore it.  I can't help it; it's my Mars
in Scorpio.  Don't laugh; humor is the least Scorpio Mars effect before he starts working on our sex life!  

Energy Healing:
My formal training in hands on Energy Healing was three courses in Reiki, leading to what that system
calls, "Reiki Master" in the early 1990s.  I stayed with the practice for many years, but fell away from it
after the turn of the century.  I still do hands on energy clearing and balancing, but don't use the Reiki
method, symbols or philosophy.

For working on myself, I like EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique and I'm seriously examining The
Healing Codes by Dr. Alex Loyd. You may take a
free heart issues test from Dr. Loyd here. I didn't find
out anything about myself that I didn't know, but I've known me for thee quarters of a century.  It's a fine

My problem with some Energy Healing at present is that everyone I know charges for group meetings.
People have made a business out of something that I believe we could share without fees.  Or, maybe I
just haven't found the right group or maybe I could start one.  I'll give it some thought.  

Both EFT and Healing Codes seem to be activities for self healing, not like the Reiki Classes.  That, I
think, is a drawback.

Right now, I'm reading the free E-book from
The Tapping Solution.com.  It has all the information one
needs to get started. Also I belong to a Web group for a number of years tapping away with
Advanced EFT Healing which has many groups and sessions.

Chakra Balancing
is another method of self and group healing. Anodea Judith, from whom I learned everything I know about
chakras in her book
Wheels of Life, has a wonderful course on www.Soundstrue.com. She is the
foremost authority on chakras and I'm so glad she has this course available on the fantastic Sounds True

I took the
chakra test and found that my sacral and third eye chakras are not open at this time.  This site
has some great exercises to help with opening one's chakras.  I intend to add them to my "Daily
Moments!" You can send your results to yourself in an email; very convenient!

Going back to
www.soundstrue.com, they have  beautiful meditation, musical selections you can
download which can become a part of your morning "Daily Moments". Click on the site and you will see
on the first page, E-mail sign up and two free offerings.  Download the musical one by left clicking on its
icon and when the next page opens, you can download and save the music anyplace on your hard drive
that you like.  I save as an mp3.  These selections I play every morning when I open my computer and
check my email.  They put me in the right frame of mind to continue with my Daily Moments.  This is the
sound part of body, mind, and spirit that integrates the three at the beginning of my day. The next Daily
Moment is one of prayer and I love one that I learned from Joe Vitale on one of his interviews with Lisa
Garr on
www.theawareshow.com.  Here's how I copied it down.  By the way, Joe also does EFT.
Joe Vitalie  Clearing out

I love you.
 Returning to connection to the Divine.

I'm sorry.....for what I've brought into my life.  

Please forgive me; I've been selfish and impatient and hateful.

Thank you, Lord, for all of your blessings and for (state your
intention or current problem).
As you put your hand on your heart, you tell your creator that you love him/her and your
acknowledgement of your connection to the Divine.

As you, then, put your hand on your
stomach, you say, I'm sorry, for whatever you feel sorry for that

As you put your hand on your
abdomen, you ask for forgiveness .

As you put your
hands together, you express gratefulness for all your blessings and that your intention
is "already done!" ( A Gregg Braden concept)

This is such a short offering of connection that it can be done as many times as needed during the day,
especially after thoughts, words, or deeds that are less than kind.

Spirituality and Practice:
I am on my 14th course on this fabulous site and I love every minute of it.  This morning I began a course
entitled Practicing Spirituality with Eknath Easwaran.  Go to their site,
Spirituality and Practice and
look up the courses they offer.  It's not too late to join my Eknath Easwaran course; I'd love to see you in
our group!  

Many blessings,  

Sue, OAL
Daily Moments:

Meditation Music On while viewing email and going through the previous
reading material and visiting the sites recommended.

The Joe Vitale Clearing Out Four points with chakras four, three, and two.

Get Started with EFT. (Suspend your disbelief)

Take the two free tests;  
heart issues, and chakra test

A few minutes with any online course you may enjoy.

Concentrate on these things for the next week and, please, write to me what
you experience.

Spring 2011