Holistic Healh # 9
July 9, 2019at
Ok, something tells me that this 9th one will be the last Holistic Health Summary; the last one being Jan. 26, 2017.
Pardon the Mafia joke above; I didn't choose that, it was chosen for me by the spinning~wheel powers that be.

So what's new with me and Holistic Health?  I've been through a lot of research in the past 2 1/2 years and here's
where I am:  no new heart attacks, diabetes is under control (A1C under 7), psoriasis is still in my hands and scalp,
IBS is becoming under more control.  Here's what I'm doing:

I'm fasting 16 hours in 24 which is called the 16/8 method of fasting. I stop all eating at 7PM until 11AM next day.

I'm using the fodmap diet which plainly tells one what to eat and what not to eat for IBS.  It seems to help a lot.  

I'm taking Zenwise Digestive enzmes with pre and probiotics 2Xs a day before meals and am taking metformin ER
1000 mgs after supper.  All these things are aiding my healing process. I found out on my online psoriasis group
that metformin was super bad for diarrhea and as soon as I switched, I started to heal.

That's where I am now and I feel better than I have in many years.