Happy New Year 2021
Wed. Jan. 6, 2021.  Well, here we are another New Year and some old things hanging on (Covid), scary economics,
and DJTrump! Yikes, what a trio! But I got something new in my life.  Her name is Ellie and she's a rescue from the
tornado in Houston May1st 2020 by Ohio Alleycat Rescue (OAR) in Cincinnati where I got her.  It is a great place and
I'm so lucky! When I met her, her name was Springtown and I never knew why she had that name.  I'll have to ask.

Ellie has already had one litter of four babies and she is a Calico cat with a little two-face of Orange/Black. I already
love her so much.  She is perfect for me!
This picture was in the OAR Facebook page taken on Jan 2, 2021.See her beautiful face? So this is my best news of
the year! I've missed Lily (my multipoo) since she died 2 months ago. Ellie will help heal my hurting heart.
Thurs. Jan. 7, 2021.  I don't know about others, but i was up until 1AM this morning watching the goings-on with
the  government and the Trumpers (including the Proud Boys and an assortment of other ruffians and scaliwags).
Gaelic Storm – Scalliwag lyrics
Come away come away with the traveling show
Come away with the raggle taggle Proudboys oh!
We'll raggle-taggle here we'll raggle-taggle there,
Raggle up and down taggle everywhere.

From the North from the South from the East from the West,
Well the sky is our roof and the road is our rest.
No one to say 'yes', no one to say 'no'.
Run free with the raggle-taggle Proudboys oh!