Happy New Year 2020
Wed. January 01, 2020 2PM: Here we are in a brand new decade of 20's.  The last one began in 1920 and
was really a fun time. Hope this one will be too!  

Spotify is playing "We've Got Tonight" by Bob Seeger!!!  I'm  so MELLOW.

Ahem,  let's get back to business!
This is a 1 year for me and I intend to make it worth something special:

The 1 year is a time of new beginnings, which means that it will be full of new opportunities, both
professional and personal. While new beginnings may be exciting, they can also be frightening, so it is
important to prepare.

Start by clearly defining your goals, put yourself in a leadership position and watch for the negative
aspects of the 1 energy — ego driven stubbornness and reckless behavior. (Uh Oh)

Challenges of a 1 Year
While the 1 year is associated with the Magician card in the Tarot, it is important to also realize what this
may mean in a psychological sense. In psychology, the number 1 is associated with the energy of ego.

On to making my list *
Fri. January 03, 2010.  My Family from Houston came on the 1st and we've been having lots of fun.  Went
out to Breakfast this morning at Bob Evans and this evening we're going to see
Little Women.  But, Lou is
going to see Star Wars.  

Tomorrow night we're going out with my whole family; my sister, Carol, and her son Bruce, his wife
Emily, their kids Brian, JJ and Amanda, their grandpa Dick and his wife Lynne.  

My family from Houston is son Lou, daughter in law Susan, granddaughters Olivia and Sophia ( note how
all my grandaughters' names end in a vowel: that's my Italian son's doing!).  My other granddaughter's
name is Carmella and her dad is not Italian. Her one grandpa is, though!  So, there you are!
Sat.December 5, 2020.  So, here we are!  2020;  What a shit  year!!!

It is so hard to believe what has happened this year!  But, there have been some good things; Trump is
out and Biden is in; Mrs. Harris (Kamala) is our VP and...  we're getting the first virus vaccine shots given
in a few days. Interesting that my left side picture up above rather looks like the Covid 19 virus, no? I put
that up at the end of last year when I laid this page out.  Who knew???