Happy New Year~2019
Feb.19, 2019  Here I am, back in Cincinnati; the city of my birth.  It
is the day of the Virgo Super Full Moon and the Sun is shining
although it's only 24º. I've been cold ever since I got here last year
on Feb. 2nd, 2018.  ( see:  
Virgo Super Full Moon)

My daughter, Carol, and I moved together in an apartment for one
year and then she moved to her own place a few miles North of me
and I moved to a fantastic senior retirement home.  We are treated
like royalty here and, of course, I love it!

I missed Christmas completely this year with a flu-like illness which
hit me on the 14th of December and lasted through New Years Day.
Just found my darling daughter, Carol's, new picture in facebook.  She has a
brand new haircut and it really suits her; just gorgeous!  Get those Scorpio
eyes and that rosebud mouth!  That's what her delivery doctor called her
when she was born, "Rosebud!" She's always been my very own Rosebud!
2/26/19: It's Bruce's birthday and
there he is with my sister, Carol,
his mom and her dog, Izzy
This is my gorgeous
granddaughter, Olivia, in a picture
cropped from a group photo by her
loving Grandfather, John Hibbs.
Carol has just accepted a job in
Washington State at a great
Montessori school there.  She'll be
leaving here in a couple of weeks
for the trek out there.

She will be sorely missed by me
and her Aunt Carol Meyer.

I'm very happy for her and her new
adventure. Many blessings, Carol!
It's just me and my sister, Carol, and her
son, Bruce, and his family left here in
Cincinnati. I do have some great friends
from high school who live in Kentucky
and some of them I'll see tomorrow for
lunch at Pee Wees in Crescent Hills, KY.

Here's to us, Kith and Kin. We face the
world together and are grateful for each

So many blessings in my life; Thank you!
Mon. April 8, 2019.  This week has started out rather rough; Lily, my sweet and wonderful dog, was diagnosed with
a horrible eye disease; glaucoma.  I must give her three different drops in her eyes 2Xs a day and she already runs
from me after the first applications.  She has never been afraid of me until now and it breaks my heart. My sister,
Carol, tells me to "woman up!" she's been doing this with one of her dogs, Gibby, for a long time.  I will try.

Last week I was told that I had dry macular degeneration and have to test myself every day to make sure it doesn't
become wet md.  Then i have to get treatments. My poor dog and I are heading for blindness together if we don't
medicate ourselves.  

Good news is that Spring is really here!  My trees outside where I live among are budding.  They are right outside
my sliding door and I'm on the 5th floor, so I really am among them! I wish I knew how to take a picture with my new
camera phone and get it up here. Better days ahead!
June 01, 2019.  It's been a long time since I've written on here.  Lots have happened and I still love being here; this
is the best place I've lived in a long, long time.  I really feel like myself here and enjoy just being with Lily and me in
this small tree~topped apartment.  

I've put seeds and water out for the birds and have visitors here often.  The first ones were the blue jays; they were
very neat and put the hulls of the seeds right back in the bowl.  But, next came the mourning doves and they
scattered the seeds all over the place.  The red birds Mr and Mrs came and ate at a distance all the spread seeds of
the doves. What a joy to watch the birds!

Aunt Carol is coming for dinner tonight; I'm having chicken chow main or however you spell it. It's our first meal in my
apartment.  Usually we go out for dinner somewhere.

June 13, 2019.  Almost a fortnight has gone by; but when one is my age, it's like a blink of an eye.                  
It's only 58º this morning, but will get warmer this afternoon with more rain.  It rains a lot in Cincinnati, I know you
have heard me complain.

Today is chore day; I've got laundry to do and grocery shopping as well as stopping at the pharmacy for my
perscriptions. I'm starting on new metformin ER which is a slow release one that may help IBS, so some diabetics
write about.

Finally, I've got an appointment with Ford to fix my air bag; I've been driving for seven years with a faulty air bag that
they say, if you get into an accident and it pops, you'll get all kinds of metal coming at you and you could be killed.  
Isn't that nice? It only took seven (7) years for them to get a replacement in to fix my car. Well, this will be my last car,
I'm sure.