Happy New Year~2019
Feb.19, 2019  Here I am, back in Cincinnati; the city of my birth.  It
is the day of the Virgo Super Full Moon and the Sun is shining
although it's only 24º. I've been cold ever since I got here last year
on Feb. 2nd, 2018.  ( see:  
Virgo Super Full Moon)

My daughter, Carol, and I moved together in an apartment for one
year and then she moved to her own place a few miles North of me
and I moved to a fantastic senior retirement home.  We are treated
like royalty here and, of course, I love it!

I missed Christmas completely this year with a flu-like illness which
hit me on the 14th of December and lasted through New Years Day.
Just found my darling daughter, Carol's, new picture in facebook.  She has a
brand new haircut and it really suits her; just gorgeous!  Get those Scorpio
eyes and that rosebud mouth!  That's what her delivery doctor called her
when she was born, "Rosebud!" She's always been my very own Rosebud!
2/26/19: It's Bruce's birthday and
there he is with my sister, Carol,
his mom and her dog, Izzy