To learn Astrology and how to read a birth chart, one must know the glyphs/symbols.  Below are many of the
glyphs one needs to know.
Once you have learned the glyphs, planets, and house meanings, you are almost able to read a chart.   When I
was first studying Astrology, I practiced drawing the glyphs over and over until I knew them by heart; just like a
first grader learns to write.

Next thing on the agenda is ASPECTS between the planets.  Aspects are the single most important feature of a
birth chart when defining our choices in life, the timing of events, and what the probable consequences may be.
Aspects show our personal power, proneness, difficulties, and means by which we may achieve our best
destiny and goals in life. The aspects that I use most are in the chart below and are based on the division of
the 360 degree circle by the number in the NUMBER column.

Other Astrologers use different aspects according to their personal experience and knowledge. They might
give different definitions as well. It is important to read various authors for their opinions and choose what
makes sense to you.

T-Square =Two connecting squares and one opposition. A BATTLE IN LIFE

Grand Cross =Four connecting squares and two oppositions. ENFORCED MISSION & SACRIFICE

T-Sextile = Two connecting sextiles and one trine. A TALENT in the ARTS (acting, dancing, art, music, writing, etc)

Grand Sextile =Three oppositions and six sextiles. STAR OF DAVID: CHOSEN ONE

Grand Trine =Three connecting trines. BLESSINGS

Yod =Two inconjuncts (150 degrees) connected with one sextile. TOTAL COMPROMISE

Golden Yod = Two biquintiles (144 degrees) connected with one quintile.  A TALENT
(of one or more of the 5 senses)

All of the aspects and patterns are subject to the nature of the Planets involved. Study: PLANETARY MEANINGS

For in-depth study read Bill Tierney's Dynamics of Aspect Analysis available at AMAZON.COM