Gemini New Moon 2019
Fri. Jun. 3, 2019.  Keywords:  Deception, deceit, distruction
Sun. Jun 2, 2019  Today I'm featuring what I call a "talent triangle!" It is Venus in the 12th house of secrets and
intrigue in trine (120º) to Saturn/Pluto/South Node in the 8th house of transformation/death, sextile (60º) to Neptune
(illusion) in the 10
th house of the President.

The talent triangle is a pattern I usually look at as beneficial, but with certain planets and points, it can be very
deceitful and damaging.  In particular, I don't trust Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and the South Node all connecting and
Venus is known to be self serving at times. So, I see nothing but nepharious plans behind this triangle.

The Sun and Moon in the 12th house are rising and the sun (at least) can be seen shortly on the East Coast and an
hour or so later in the Midwest. Hopefully they can work their magic on those points in the 8th house before too
much damage is done; the Moon during the next 24 hours and the Sun within the next 10 days by transit.
Sometimes things look very dire and, then, transits can come along and wipe up all the mess that was predicted.  
(Happens a lot in weather forecasting.)
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