Gemini New Moon 2018
Wed, Jun 13, 2018.   Keywords: warriors, whammies & bluffs
The Gemini New Moon (Moon with Sun), although looks inside the 8th house, is actually on the Cusp of the 9th
house of Foreign Affairs making a sesquiquadrate to Mars on the nadir (4th house).

Sesquiquadrates are a combination of semi-square and Square (45º & 90º = 135º) and is claimed by some to be a
combination of both aspects which tend to portend a negative "double-whammy!" Others consider it a minor aspect.
I prefer to shorten sesquiquadrate to sesquare!

Mars, of course, is the God of war and weapons and both will be on all minds attending this summit in Singapore.
Being in Gemini, this 'double whammy' is probably all talk with each side trying to "sell" their best deal.  Gemini is
known as the salesman of the Zodiac and bluff is his trademark in any deal. It will be interesting to watch the deals
going on, even if a minor aspect is all that occurs. We'll have to wait and see what happens after it's all over and all
parties home.
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