My Lunar Journal
Thurs. May 25, 2017~~
Thurs. May 25, 2017. I'll be so relieved when the horrid aspect between Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto is OVER.  It's
been kicking my bottom all over the place and I'm tired of it.  Here's the chart for right now...
That great blob of red is the T-square that's been  
plaguing me all this time.  It's been doing that all my
life off and on. I'm going to see what I can do about
it this time; usually I run away.  Not going to do that
now.  It's almost over...just breathe.
Thurs. June 1, 2017.  Today begins the Libra
decanate of Gemini. Even though Libra is the Sign
of "Generals", Libra is not intensively warlike.

Combined with Gemini, Libra is more apt to
diplomacy rather than chatting off the top of her
6/09/17 Friday:  Here it is the Full Moon and I
haven't written anything since the New Moon.  It's
been a lonely, depressing time for me and I think it
may be over now.  However, the Jupiter/Pluto
aspect returns in November '17 and it may be a
pressing time for me then too.  I react so strongly to
some of those aspects; almost as bad as the
barometric pressure.  Don't know why I'm so
sensitive to the cosmos or the solar system.  Or
why do they affect my emotions so strongly?
Mon. Jun 12, 2017.  Got to find "Monday Morning" by Mommas and Poppas to put on my facebook page.  This is one
of the most gloomy Mondays I've seen in a long time. However my walk this morning with Lily was cool and free of
humidity; a blessing!

Thurs. Jun. 15, 2017. Raining again!  But, at least I got my blood drawn in one take; drank a quart of water and a
small bottle of Perigrino and had no problem.