Capricorn New Moon 2019
Sat. Jan. 05, 2019.             Keywords:  Nailed, Fenced, Penance
This is the first New Moon of the year and it is quite unusual; firstly it is a Solar Eclipse.  

Secondly; Look at the unevenness of the planet's placement; all planets are on the right side or West side of the
chart. The only two things posited on the left side are the North Node of the Moon and the Part of Fortune at the
1st House cusp.  Both of those are points in space, not material bodies like planets.

Thirdly; Years ago it was taught by some Astrologers that charts with most planets on the left (East) side of the
chart indicated that the person fairly well ruled and controlled himself; most planets on the right (West) side of the
chart indicated that the person was ruled and controlled by others.  Most planets at top of chart indicated that the
person was ruled by outer events and most planets at the bottom quarter meant that the person was controlled by
inner events.

Some bodies are trying to put us under their thumbs so let's keep our eyes and ears open;  we won't like it if they
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