Capricorn Full Moon 2018
Thurs. Jun 28, 2018.     Keywords: Stress, strain, restraint!
If you can go out tonight and see the Capricorn Full Moon, it's the best night at the best time.  Tomorrow it may rain
and the Moon will rise 50 minutes later than tonight.  Also it will have been full at 12:52 AM Eastern time Thursday
morning and already decreasing in light by Thursday night.  Tonight's the night to make a wish on the full Moon!

Lots of stress and strain in this full Moon time; I feel it and I bet you do too! The Sign of Capricorn wants to do
everything right and Saturn is pressing on this Full Moon time to restrain its ability to 'give forth!' Saturn is so stingy!  
It's time for positive affirmations and good deeds without expectations of reward.  As the Buddha says:
"To be happy, free yourself of desires, expectations, and judgments!"  Hard, indeed, but what rewards!

I wrote an article concerning the Buddha's above advice and it's really apropos for this Capricorn Full Moon time.

Wishing you happiness and many blessings.

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