Cancer New Moon Eclipse 2019
Tues. Jul. 02, 2019.        Keywords:  Start of Something NEW!
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Aquarius Papers
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Lynn Hayes
Indeed this is one of my favorite Moons (any new or full Moons in Cancer; especially with an eclipse!). I just know that
sumthins goona give in my life this month.  Hee, hee, can't wait.
OK, old girl; don't get your horses to giddy-up too fast; your
heart won't take it!

Anyways (as Buzz used to say) I hope I'm right!                 

July 07, 2019:  Well, nothing has happened that I can see yet, I probably need to put my chart up with the New
Moon in Cancer and see what's going on:  One moment...

Awwww; forgedaboutit !!