Cancer New Moon Eclipse 2018
Thurs. July 12, 2018.  Keywords:  tyrannical wresting for power.
The Sabian Symbol for this Cancer New Moon eclipse (21º) is apropos for sure:
One of my favorites:

Aquarius Papers

A new favorite:

Mystic Mama
With the New Moon in separating opposition to Pluto, it shows what has been going on between our various
branches of government and between our president and other governmental heads.  What a mess of divas; reminds
me of a hive full of angry, stinging bees.

The grand water trine (separating) between Venus, Saturn, and Uranus doesn't help much, but we could find a bit of
hope if we extend the other water grand trine to include the New Moon trine Jupiter. The Jupiter/Neptune trine could
be be seen as the "touch of God!" Neptune being "faith," Jupiter being "hope," and the Sun/Moon being "love" or
"charity" as the traditional expression.  

In her e-mail to us today, Mystic Mama included a poem; I'd like to include it here:
Solar Eclipse *NEW MOON*
in Cancer July 12th / 13th 2018,
reminds us that it's time to
come home to our whole Self.

Feelings that have been dormant
in the underworld of our psyches,
are returning to us like waves
rising toward the shore.

The past is knocking on our door,
not because it has come back to haunt us,
but because it has come back to heal us.

There is a part of our lives
that we have disconnected from
because it has left a deep wound.

These are the imprints that we
would rather forget as we
continue to move rapidly
into our future.

But sometimes,
the cycles of Life turn
to bring these pieces from
our past back into our present
for reconciliation and healing.

The reclaiming our past is
our soul’s retrieval of power.

It’s the reconnaissance of all our
orphaned parts back into ourselves,
back into who we are now.

And who we are now is precisely
because of the past we have lived,
not in spite of it.

As individuals and as a culture,
we need to make amends
with where we’ve been.

Our histories are all marked
with stories of abuse of power
and we all fall somewhere
within the spectrum.

This Cancer New Moon reminds us
that with a compassionate heart,
we can face and embrace all that
has been and all that we are,
and free ourselves from
that which has had
its hold on us.

opening the way
for us to truly
move forward.

love, love, love~