Full Moon 2018
Mon. Jan. 01, 2018.  Keywords: Fly me to the Moon on the cosmic kite.
Jan. 5, 2018.  It's taken five days for me to realize the Cancer super extra super full Moon. I feel like life is on the fast
lane passing me by and I can't catch up.  J'ever feel like that?  Anyway, or as Buzz used to say, "anyways," I'm
moving and it's stressing me out big time.

So here's a great article about the Cancer Full Moon 2018 which is a super colossal  Moon.  The article is repeated
below in Lynda Hill's spot.  She's a winner in way more than one way; a beautiful mind, heart, and soul. I love her
One of my favorites:

Aquarius Papers
Lynda Hill:

Sabian Symbols