About Me 2012  (6)
This has been quite a year!  First, I received my Chaplaincy certification in May and, more
importantly, my grandson, Joey, and his wife, Angel, had a baby girl on November 17th.
They named her Isabella Joy and, what a joy she is.
She is one of the most beautiful babies I've ever
seen. Absolutely perfect! She joins my other perfect
great granddaughter, Carmella, and will be her best
friend. In our family, cousins are closer than siblings
and, for sure, get along better!

Here is one of the latest pictures of Carmella!
Two little beauties in my life; in our whole family's life.  We are
so proud and happy to have them. What joys they bring us.

On with more pictures:
Left; three generations; Carol Joy, Melissa, and Carmella at
Melissa's new apartment in Pensacola. Carmella's birthday is
March 17, 2010.

Above is the new family; Angel, Joe, and Isabella Joy.
My niece, Amanda, from Cincinnati, won the
most valuable soccer player of the year!  
Yea, Amanda!
My Daughter, Carol's, birthday cake this year.  Her
birthday is one day before Isabella's.  So when Len went
to pick up the cake, he had them add Isabella's name.
My sweet Greatgrandchildren:
On the right, Isabella Joy's first Christmas
Carmella Gagliardi with Mom, Melissa
My darling granddaughters,
Olivia and Sophia
Isabella's Mom & Dad,
Joey and Angel
My three children: Carol, Lou, & Joe