About Me 3
Happy Birthday, Carmella!
One year old: March 17, 2011
Carmella says, Hi!  with Aunt Carol
Carmella the bella; by John Hibbs
Carmella in her birthday car.
My own cake!
Mom and Dad
My Grandpa
Happy Easter 2011
On Holy Saturday I make the Easter Bread
This year, only Carmella gets a basket!
Easter bread takes eight hours to make
from start to finish.  This year I took the
pictures first before I have my piece or two.
I just can't wait until tomorrow.  I love Easter
Bread better than chocolate!

We're going to have a great time
tomorrow. We're having ham, turkey,
dressing, cranberry sauce, candied sweet
potatoes, greens, mashed potatoes, gravy,
and dessert is a surprise. YUM!
Meanwhile in Houston, as I'm making Easter bread,  
Olivia, Sophia, and their cousins are having a swim
Sun. April 24, 2011.  Happy Easter! I am sooooooooo full.  We just got home from Carol Joy's and I'm
stuffed.  Dad and LIly are already asleep and I'm going soon.  It was a wonderful day! Only two pics so far.
I like Easter, so far!
What's for dessert??
4th of July, 2011
A day at the fountain with Aunt Angel, Uncle Joe, Aunt Jessica & friends.
Above from left:
Carmella & Jessie
Carmella & friend
Carmella & Angel

Carmella strutting

Carmella & Jessie

Two of my gorgeous
Jessica and Angel,
in Stars and Stripes