About Me 2016~2
Believe it or not, that's me in
LaJolla, CA in 1956.  I won a
street parade beauty
contest and my sister never
let me forget it.  I never did.  

Middle picture is my
beautiful granddaughter,
Sophia, at her homecoming
dance.  What a lovely lady.

On the right is another
beautiful lady, Carmella!
She is a drama queens with
the best of us.  What a doll!

Happy Halloween!
But, before Halloween, we
had a blessed event on
September 3rd: Elias was
born.  What a blessed event!
Back to Halloween and afterwards; here is Elias and his
latest picture on left with Mommie, Angel, and big sister,
Isabella, and big brother, Isaiah; fun on Halloween!
Elias is
already a
Cub fan!
Back to the "real" world sorta!  My
beautiful granddaughters, Olivia and
Sophia, on left.  Me and granddaughter,
Melissa, above in my wedding dress.
And one more Halloween picture; my
darling, gorgeous, unicorn,
granddaughter, Jessica!  
Uncle Joe and Joey
On Veteran's Day 2016
in honor of my Husband, Len.