about me 2
This picture was taken at the very beginning of 2010 or the very end of 2009.  
Christmas is over and we're all tired.  From left, Susan and Sophia, Joe, Len, Jessica,
Joey, Angel, Carol Jean, Jan White, Melissa, Olivia (with no head),  Jim White and
Carol Joy.  Lily is in the middle of the room with no head also.  I'm taking the picture
and I don't know where Lou is.  Oh, I forgot, there is Elijah (the dog) sitting between
Joey and Angel.  There are another couple of dogs running around somewhere
February 28, 2010
Best Forensics team in Florida!
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(Janet Sue Gagliardi)
My grandson, Joey on right.
March 17, 2010
My first great granddaughter with my first
granddaughter, Melissa.
We don't know her name yet.
Meet Carmella V. Gagliardi
Born March 17, 2010
Easter Bread baked on Saturday;
wonder who snuck a piece or three?
My Easter Lily
Brian, Amanda, & J.J.
Three of my sister, Carol's, five
So precious!
Melissa and Carmella
April 20, 2010
My 73rd Birthday party at Longhorns
Yes, that's a 007 martini!
My 73rd from left;  Melissa, Carol Joy, Joey, Me,
Len, Jessica, Joe, and Carol Jean.  There, but
not in the picture =  Angel and Carmella.
Carmella and Melissa 10/20/2010
I sure love my Grandpa!
Happy Birthday Carol 11/16/2010
A destroyed cake!
Joey, Carmella, Melissa, & Angel
Olivia's project for Veteran's Day
And, FSU!
Sophia's 1st Day of School
Happy Thanksgiving 2010!
And across the miles...
Susan and Lou's table
Lou and Sophia
Happy Thanksgiving to all; and to all a goodnight!
The Lou Gagliardi Household in Texas
Melissa, Carol, Jessica, & Carol
The little Thanksgiving Cowgirl
with Mommy and Great Grandpa
The Joe Gagliardi Family
I don't like the punkin tree!
I like this place!