About ME! 2015
Hah!  So this isn't so much about me, but
here's more pictures.  At the top left, is my last
portrait picture taken at the last national
voting.  Was that two years ago?  Anyway,
guess I have to do another one soon, huh?

Top right is Carmella and me on one of the
days she let me hug her.

You must know by now, my favorite little boy
in the world at left;
Isaiah!  He is simply the
happiest baby I've ever seen.  Oh he is so
beautiful and I miss seeing him often.  He
lives near Atlanta, GA.  
Here's a couple more pictures of Isaiah just in
case you don't believe he's the happiest baby
in the world!  He's just laughing all the time
his Mommie looks at him!  
Here are brother Isaiah and sister Isabella on their birthdays on
February 17th; Isaiah is two mos old and Isabella is 27 mos old or
two years and three mos.
Nov. 08, 2015. A lot of time has passed since I updated these pages so I'll begin with my new photo, taken on
Halloween this year and more pictures taken throughout this year.
I haven't said a thing about my move to a senior residence this year on August 28th; well, I moved to a
senior residence on August 28, 2015 and I love it here.  It has everything a body would need and it's
called Superior Residences on the corner of Hwy 20 and White Point Road in Niceville, FL.   

I volunteered to be the residence chaplain and hold a Sabbath Communion every Saturday morning at
9 am as well as open our formal meetings with an inspirational greeting. I've made lots of new friends
and we keep busy doing thus and so with our pool, hot tub, exercise classes, library, and lounge.
Top picture is Superior Residences being built
in late 2014. Right top is the chapel.

2nd row left is our lobby from the mezzanine
view and to the right is our putting green.

3rd row is our Tree Top lounge where we
celebrate with free drinks and snacks from 4 to
5 pm each day.

Below is our pool and hot tub on the left and
our Peacock restaurant on the right.
This is what's going on with me;
now back to the children,
grandchildren, greatgrandchildren,
cousins, kith and kin!
2015 Cont.