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J. Sue Gagliardi, D.D, M.A., PMAFA   has been a professional Astrologer since 1975 when she passed the
American Federation of Astrologer's professional examination in Chicago, IL. For the next 19 years she
taught, lectured, and practiced in the Chicago area. Moving to Florida in 1994, she continued her practice
there which, by then, included Reiki as a Reiki Master, a certified Bach Flower Remedy Consultant, and a
Tai Chi instructor for Seniors at UWF. In 2015 she became a volunteer Chaplain at Superior Residences;
Bluewater Bay, FL which has since become American Home, Bluewater Bay, FL. As of February 1, 2018,
Sue lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her daughter, Carol and across the street from her sister, Carol.         

Sue earned her B.A. Degree from George Williams College (now University) in 1977 and her Master's
degree at Atlantic University in Virginia Beach, VA in 1992.  Her Master's thesis was entitled, Birth Chart
Analysis and Synthesis: A Comparative Study. It concerned one person's birth chart analyzed by 20
professional Astrologers

She is the mother of three grown children, grandmother of six, great grandmother of five, web site devotee,
loves to be with family for dinners which her husband of 56 years, Len, enjoyed. Len passed away 10/04/14.

Sue received her D.D (Doctor of Divinity) from the College of Divine Metaphysics on January 27, 2010 .
CDM is the Church/College from which she was ordained on November 21, 1993.  She concluded her
doctoral commitment with
Sabbath Devotionals   a website of essays which she published weekly for three
 Sue has since concluded her studies for chaplainship at The Woman's College, a subsidiary of St.
James College online.
A big get-together with some of my extended
family sometime in 1999.
about me
This is my birth chart and yes, I'm from the dinosaur generation with Pluto in Cancer <yawn> . And Uranus in
Taurus May 19, 1937; 11:09 PM; Cincinnati, Ohio

I'm going to use my birth chart to show how I rectify birth charts with known birth times...sometimes the time
given is wrong. Sometimes the nurses don't put down the correct time.  Most times Moms don't remember.  I
rectify most charts that I do whether the person asks me to or not.  It makes me feel better.  See:

This website (my third) is strictly non-commercial.  I'm retired!  The reason I keep this site is because I love
Astrology and I hope to assemble information that will help young learners to find the very best that is out there
for them
.  If you do have a question about your birth chart or anything concerning Astrology, write to me and I
will answer you promptly.  Your question and birth information will be private unless you give me permission to
use it on this website:

What's great about doing a website for free and by myself is that I'm not bound by other's rules or structure.
However, I'm very open to suggestions and would always like to improve this site. TAURUS connections in my
family background are Paternal great-grandmother and grandmother as well as Mother; all Tauruses.
I will be adding things from time to time on this page.  It helps my poor old mind. I love the saying of this month
of Gemini:
 "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most!" That's for sure!
Olivia, Jessica, Sophia, Melissa, Joseph
Len, Sue, and Calabria
My Family
Husband: Len,  Son: Joe, Son:
Daughter: Carol.
Sister: Carol
Daughters-in-law: Carol and Susan.
Grandchildren at right>>>>>>>
Cat: Blackie. Dog: Lily.
Granddogs: Violet, Bailey, Bella,
Josie, and Daisy.
Great Granddog: Elijah.
Grandcats: Boy and Figaro.
Mom, Dad, Grandma Emma, my little
sister,Carol, and me in 1943.
Sister Carol
Double Sagittarius
1st row:.......Lou

2nd row: Lynn, Dick, sister Carol, daughterinlaw Carol.

3rd row: Daughter Carol, Len, Connie, Matt, Stacey,
Bruce, Amanda, Jessica, Joey, Melissa, Joe,
daughterinlaw Susan and Olivia.

4th row:........Me
I have no idea who is taking the picture, but I'm sure
someone will tell me.
Lily and all my grandawgs!
Our Lily and Blackie 11/08
Great granddawg,
New Year's Eve day at Carol j's townhouse in Walton
County, FL '08. At the door is Figaro, the cat.  Black dog
with red eyes is Josie on Sophia's lap on Aunt Carol j's
lap.  Susan with Lily on lap and Daisy the Cocker Spaniel
and Bella the Cavapoo down in front.  Olivia is sitting on
her dad, Lou's, lap and Grandpa Len's face is right
behind.  I'm taking the picture. 12/31/08
More dogs on New Year's Day
Happy Easter 2009
Joey; the 2009 FL Champion in College Forensics
Carol, birthday girl Jessica, and
Angel on Easter 2009
Joey, Jim and Jan White at the
MO. National Forensic Tourney
April 20, 2009
(Joey's other grandparents)
What a 5th House Sun Asks...
Joseph, Melissa, Sophia, Olivia, Jessica
Happy New Year 2009
My Four Grandaughters
Father's Day
June 21, 2009
Grandma Sue says:
Always keep at least three of the
gals in the kitchen ;o)

Jessica, Carol, and Carol Joy
Carol Joy, Zack, Melissa, Carol, Grandpa, and Jessica.  
(Grandpa loves to make icky faces!)
My niece, Susan, and grandnephew, Noah.
(My sister, Carol's daughter and grandson)
Noah and his dog, Teddy.
(Lovingly called, Tey, by Noah)
Dinner at Grandma Sue's August 2, 2009

From Grandpa Len left, Lou, Susan, Carol Joy, Joe, Sophia, Olivia,
Jessica, Melissa, and Carol.
Joey and Grandma Sue aren't in the picture
Lily on guard; Aug 9, 2009
Blackie; two days after Lion cut and
operation. Aug 14, 2009
Three of my sister, Carol's,
JJ, Brian, and Amanda.
Missing are Stacey and Matthew
September 2, 2009
My great grandson or daughter.
September 17, 2009
Our Italian side of the family at the Bosco house in
Chicago on Aunt Elsie's birthday July 4, 2009.
Uncle Joe in the middle of the Ori family and
others from Chicago. Linda on left.
Wed. Dec. 29, 2009. All the O. Gagliardis and some of the Whites.  From left:
1st row: Carol Jean and Daisy, Melissa holding Elijah down.
2nd row: Susan holding Bella, Grandpa Len, Sue next to Len, Sophia and hunny bunny,
Olivia and Josie, Carol Joy and Lily (my  dog).
3rd row:  Angel, Joey, Lou, Jessica, Joe, Jim and Jan White.

We had a great Christmas holiday!  Happy, Happy New Year 2010!  
Len on Christmas 2008
My birth chart