Happy New Year 2016
12:01 am; Jan 01, 2016.   Keywords:  Faith, Hope, Love, and Peace in the New Year, 2016
First picture of the New Year
Isaiah and Isabella at,
Let's Make a Bear; 01/02/16
I call this, "Gingersnap!"  Look at all
that lovely ginger hair Carmella has!
Two beauties
just sittin'
on a bench;
bein' cool!

Happy New Year

Three of my sister,
Carol's, grands:

(the birthday  boy),

Amanda & Brian
OK, there I am at the left,
tired and cranky this year a
few months ago.
picture at right was taken on
St. Patrick's Day 2016 and I'm
not tired.

It sure makes a difference,
doesn't it?
Here's my darlin's:  At left is Bella at her first soccer practice.
3/16. She's determined!  Next in the middle is Joe and Isaiah at
Granpa's and Granma's house watching the Superbowl. 3rd picture
is Isaiah's 13 month old picture.  Look'it all the teeth! 1/16
Happy Easter 2016 Pictures

Top left: Olivia and Sophia in Houston with Bella.
Top Right: Isabella and Isaiah.
Bottom Right: Chuck, Susan, and Elsie with some
Briden (I think) great & grand babies.