Aries New Moon 2019
Fri. April 5, 2019.  Keywords: ME first!
Wed. Apr. 6, 2019.  One day late; not too bad especially because I've included a very simple lesson.  Notice the brown line
in the middle of the chart and the X in the middle?  The X is you [facing South looking at the ecliptic
] and the brown line is the
horizon.  You cannot see anything below the horizon.

Note that the directions are opposite a regular map's directions. That's because, unless you're facing South, you cannot
watch the motion of the planets as they seem to move East to West; rising in the East and setting in the West as do the Sun
and Moon.  Actually the basic movement is our own earth rotating. Shhhh; that's a secret!

Note, too, that all the planets are located on the East side of the sky chart.  Some traditional Astrologers might say that, at
the time of this sky chart, the events are in the hands of the birth "person, questioner, or happening!" (Whatever THAT

Anyways, (as Buz Myers used to say) this is an interesting chart with a lot of tension squares and an irritating Mars/Saturn
sesquare. Something's gotta happen soon.   What else is new?
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