Aries Full Moon 2019
Sun. Oct. 13, 2019.  Keywords:  
Note the very unusual (for me) chart form above!  It is from my own Kepler Astrological provider, Cosmic Patterns
in Gainesville, FL.  

I downloaded a so-called "Computer Protection" from the Geek Squad in BestBuy here in Cincinnati and it wiped
out my Kepler
REGNAME.dat file and now I can't use Kepler until I install it again.   What a pain in the U NO WARE!
Ok, so one of the differences is that I don't use Placidus Houses, but everything else is fine.

We have a 1st house/7th house Moon/Sun Full Moon opposition speaking about "US & THEM" and a weird
Neptune conjunct the 1st House cusp of US in square to Mercury in the 8th house of death / transformation.
Neptune can be the highest spiritual concept or the lowest dregs of deception/ fraud. There's the rub for
Astrologers; it can be difficult to know which face it will present.  It depends on the intentions of the person, group or
country. (Hah, I got out'a that one!)

We see o'le crumbling tower, Uranus, in square to Mars in the 7th and know they both could be up to no good;
especially in hurting what could concern our financial situation; stocks and bonds for instance.

Oh well, we've been here before...

Thanks, Cosmic Patterns Software                                           
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