ARIES New Moon 2020

Tues. Mar. 24, 2020. Keywords: Faith, Hope & Love
Today, Tuesday the 24th of March, presents the Aries New Moon! Most everyone knows that Aries is the 1st Sign
of the Zodiac, the Season of Spring and New Birth! May we all have healing and new birth soon!

Yesterday I decided to present my 2010 one year dissertation again on this website; greatly abridged, and
perhaps, edited a bit to one page each topic. So, it will not continue to be a dissertation, but a dedication of
devotion, plea for help during these terrible times on earth, and a pledge of faith.

This devotion contains 52+ essays; one for every week of the year, but I will post one every few days in hopes that
this time will pass much more quickly, God willingl
One of my favorites:

Aquarius Papers
Another favorite:

Lynn Hayes